By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
June 28, 2013

FORTUNE — Bryan Chaffin at the Mac Observer has compiled what he calls the Apple Death Knell Counter, a fascinating collection of Apple (AAPL) death sentences pronounced over the years by journalists, analysts, business executives and assorted pundits.

According to Chaffin — with whom I had the pleasure to spend the better part of an hour last week discussing the e-book antitrust case on his Apple Context Machine podcast — Apple is pronounced dead or dying every few weeks.

If you’ve followed the company for any time at all, you’ll recognize some of the veteran doomsayers: Rob Enderle, Michael Dell, Nathan Myhrvold, John Dvorak. Many of the new voices come from what Macworld calls the “relentless clown show of anti-Apple contributors” at

The most recent entry, currently No. 62, is There’s No Question Now: Apple is Dead, posted Thursday on TheStreet by the irrepressible Rocco Pendola, who blows either very hot or very cold on Apple.

The oldest entry, No. 1, dates back April 20, 1995. Can you identify the famous source?

“Macintosh would have had a 33% market share right now, maybe even higher, maybe it would have even been Microsoft but we’ll never know. Now its got a single digit market share and falling. There’s no way to ever get that moment in time back. The Macintosh will die in another few years and it’s really sad.”

Link: Apple Death Knell Counter

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