By Dan Primack
June 26, 2013

FORTUNE — Jim Casey, co-head of debt capital markets at JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM), said on CNBC today that there is enough “market depth” to help finance future leveraged buyouts.

The comments come in the midst of a particularly slow quarter for new private equity deals, during which firms have taken preferred to spend their time refinancing or selling existing portfolio companies — the former due to low rates, the latter due to rising public equity comps. Now that rates are beginning to rise, however, there are some worries that new deal activity could be depressed for the foreseeable future.

Casey’s basic argument is that private equity firms shouldn’t be worried about finding buyers for leveraged loans, in part because his bank  received around $28 billion of orders for debt related to Berkshire Hathaway

 and 3G Capital’s purchase of  H.J. Heinz Co.

. Casey acknowledged that the deal occurred months before talks of tapering (and with Warren Buffett’s imprimatur to boot), but feels that such buyers have not gone away.

Watch the interview below. The LBO section begins at the 5-minute mark:

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