By Dan Primack
June 18, 2013

FORTUNE — On-demand car service Uber is not currently raising new venture capital funding, according to comments made by CEO Travis Kalanick last Friday at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. It also hasn’t raised any new capital since late 2011, nor have its early employees or investors sold any shares via “secondary” transactions.

This comes nearly two months after Kalanick first disputed a Reuters report that Uber was raising new money at a $1 billion valuation (Reuters later updated its story to include Kalanick’s denial, although the original version remains intact on Reuters’ UK website).

Kalanick was in Brooklyn to have a conversation about Uber, taxi “e-hails” and government regulation with David Yassky,┬ácommissioner of the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission. Yours truly served as moderator.

What follows are a series of video clips from the event. First up is the question of new funding:

What exactly happened during Uber’s ill-fated “free taxi week?”

What Uber needs to prove to NYC during the year-long taxi pilot program:

What makes NYC different than all other markets?

Does Uber hire lobbyists?

Yassky and Kalanick on the future of ride-sharing:

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