By Dan Primack
May 29, 2013

* Course correction: EU eases up on austerity

* Mark Suster: VC-bashing may be cool, but it’s dumb

* Cisco to EU: Please annul Microsoft’s purchase of Skype

* Radio nowhere: Ron Johnson’s internal JC Penney broadcasts

* Morning Call: U.S. futures downEurope retreats and Japan rises.

* McSweeney’s: The Uber of organ transplants

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* Fund manager: Tech is “where cash goes to die”

* Brooke Howell: Why Goldman Sachs went social

* Venice Beinnale: Iraq’s art world emerges from the ruins

* SEC filing of the Day: Jelloshotmaker LLC has raised $1 million

* The end of cheap clothes? What Cambodia’s violent strike means

* Matt Nordan: 5 lessons learned from bringing U.S. cleantech to China

* Kickstarter of the day: ProPublica wants to investigate the intern economy

* Tim Cook: Congressional testimony was “an opportunity, not a pain in the ass.”

* Tweet of the Day: @chamath: YTD: $GOOG up 25%, $LNKD up 50%, $YHOO up 34%, NASDAQ up 16%, FB down 10%. We either have an earnings/ valuation prob or a re-rating w $FB..

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