6 greenest cars made in America

Updated: Jun 05, 2014 7:50 PM UTC | Originally published: Apr 27, 2013

Buyers who want "green" cars carefully read the fine print pertaining to emissions and gas mileage, choosing between battery-powered electrics (EVs) and gas-electric hybrids. Buyers who worry about job creation in the U.S. pay attention to where the car was built.
Thus, the
Top 10 Green Cars of 2013 from Kelley Blue Book isn't entirely relevant for those who also want to "buy American." Four of the entries on Kelley's list were built abroad, including the Lincoln MKZ (Mexico), Honda Fit EV (Japan), VW Jetta Hybrid (Mexico), Toyota Prius Plug-In (Japan).
Any of the remaining six models on Kelley's list constitute a two-fer for the ecologically correct shopper who favors the home team.

Nissan Leaf, which ranked third in plug-in vehicle sales in 2012, is now the top selling model in this sector.Courtesy: Nissan Motor Co.

2013 Nissan Leaf

Battery-powered. Nissan dropped the price $6,000 this year to stimulate sales. After $7,500 in federal tax benefits, the Leaf can be as little as $22,000. Range: 75 miles, 116 mpg equivalent.

2013 Tesla Model S<\/h1>\nBattery-powered. 265-mile range. Starts at around $52,000. 89 mpg equivalent.Courtesy: Tesla Motors, Inc.

2013 Tesla Model S

Battery-powered. 265-mile range. Starts at around $52,000. 89 mpg equivalent.

2013 Toyota Avalon hybrid<\/h1>\n40 mpg equivalent.Courtesy: Toyota Motor Co.

2013 Toyota Avalon hybrid

40 mpg equivalent.

2013 Ford C-Max Energi hybrid

21-mile range all electric. First 21, 100 mpg equivalent. Next 599, 43 mpg.

2013 Chevrolet Volt hybrid<\/h1>\n38 miles all-electric range; 344 miles on gas.Courtesy: Chevrolet

2013 Chevrolet Volt hybrid

38 miles all-electric range; 344 miles on gas.

2013 Ford Focus EV<\/h1>\nRange 76 miles; 105 mpg equivalent.Courtesy: Ford Motor Co.

2013 Ford Focus EV

Range 76 miles; 105 mpg equivalent.