By Dan Primack
April 16, 2013

* Vic Fleischer: Top 10 private equity tax loopholes

* Marathon massacre: Has social media finally matured?

* LBO bust: Energy Future proposes pre-packaged bankruptcy

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rise, Europe falls and Japan sinks.

* Peter Delevett: VCs rethink big bets in China

* Sex workers: Silicon Valley’s other entrepreneurs

* Shreya Shah: The challenges of hiring in India

* Patrick Danner: Scooter Store in need of a white knight

* Post-Chesapeake: Aubrey McClendon is back in business

* Glasshole? John Doerr uses Google Glass to cheat at Scattergories

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* Xiaomi: The biggest smartphone company you’re never heard of

* Tweet of the Day: @HemlockMartinis Worth noting that the last time someone pissed off Boston, the British Empire lost most of its territory in North America.

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