By Dan Primack
March 29, 2013

* Joshua Davis: The man who sold himself in an IPO

* Nicolas Sarkozy: From the Elysée to private equity limbo

* John Cassidy: Is Stevie Cohen buying of the U.S. government?

* Morning Call: U.S. and European markets closed for Good Friday. Nikkei closes up.

* Fenwick & West: Series A bottlebeck tightens

* Joshua Brown: Wall Street’s lurkers

* Katie Roof: 5 technology acquisition targets

* Do no harm: Amazon and GoodReads discuss merger

* Bankruptcy alert? Final Fisker Automotive savior walks away

* Charlie Gasparino: Michael Dell won’t be CEO if Blackstone wins

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* Get ready for the scurvy epidemic: Mystery malady kills more bees

* Sharing economy: The one place where online anonymity doesn’t work

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