By Dan Primack
March 13, 2013

* Buyout access: Carlyle Group lowers velvet rope

* Morgan Stanley: U.S. economy nearing “inflection point”

* Hostess selling snack unit: Twinkies to return this summer

* Morning Call: U.S. futures flat, European shares fall and the Nikkei slips.

* The “47 percent” filmmaker speaks:¬†Why I taped it

* Today’s the day: Silver Spring is finally going public

* Clifford Asness: The hidden tax behind Wall St. reform

* Short history of austerity: It almost never works

* Michael Santoli: Can investors win by following Icahn into battle?

* Hey new entrepreneurs: Great opportunity to get VC feedback on your pitch

* One ring to access them all: Google wants to replace your passwords with jewlery

* Tweet of the Day: @hunterwalk Unfortunate that many folks think $1.99 is too much for a mobile app but $2.75 for coffee+milk is just fine.

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