By JP Mangalindan
February 7, 2013

Red Laser

eBay’s comparison-shopping app

This app lets users search for products and prices and read reviews. A search for, say, a garden hose shows hoses for sale from eBay sellers and unaffiliated merchants alike. A separate section lists local stores that have the hose in stock.

eBay seller

Through the RedLaser app a customer can use her phone to purchase the hose from an eBay seller such as and pay with PayPal. delivers the hose to her home.

eBay Now

Same-day delivery

The consumer who needs instant gratification can leave RedLaser and launch the eBay Now app, which lets her find and buy a hose for same-day delivery.

Home Depot

In-store pickup

RedLaser provides the names of local stores with hoses in stock. Through the app, a customer can purchase her hose from Home Depot and arrange to pick up the item at her nearby Home Depot that day.

Home Depot

In-store purchase

The customer who wants to examine an item before purchase can use RedLaser to see if the nearest Home Depot stocks the hose she wants to buy. But eBay can still reap the benefits: She can use her PayPal account to pay at the register.

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