By Miguel Helft
January 3, 2013

Knowledge (i.e., search)

SVP Alan Eustace

Google’s biggest business continues to perform well. In 2012, Google enhanced search with the Knowledge Graph, a database of hundreds of millions of objects.

Ad Products

SVP Susan Wojcicki

Thanks to products such as AdWords, AdSense, AdMob, and DoubleClick, Google became the world’s largest seller of advertising.

Chrome and Apps

SVP Sundar Pichai

Four-year-old Chrome is the No. 1 Internet browser, with some 35% of the desktop market. Apps such as Gmail are growing, with businesses paying for premium versions of the software.


SVP Andy Rubin

Devices running on the Android platform now account for two-thirds of the smartphone market, and Android tablets are beginning to make inroads despite a paucity of apps for the devices.

GEO and Commerce

SVP Jeff Huber

Includes one of the broadest product portfolios, with major successes like Maps, and areas that are struggling to gain traction, like mobile payments (Google Wallet) and Offers.


SVP Vic Gundotra

The social network is woven into a variety of Google products, from Gmail to YouTube. Google reported 135 million “active” users, but skeptics say it lacks the impact of Twitter and Facebook.


SVP Salar Kamangar

With 4 billion hours watched every month, YouTube is the anchor of Google’s $5 billion display business, vindicating Google’s 2006 purchase of the video site.

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