By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
November 22, 2012

FORTUNE — “Talk about timing,” writes reader Jim Neal, who spotted an SEC Form 4 filed Tuesday by Disney (DIS) CEO — and Apple (AAPL) board member — Bob Iger.

Iger, who exercised 1 million Disney options last week netting nearly $18 million, bought $1 million worth of Apple in the last hour of trading Monday.

The timing issue is that Apple soared more than $35 that day — its second-largest-ever one-day dollar gain.

“Had he bought at the open he would already have made a killing,” notes Neal. “As it is, he probably still bought at a pretty good price.”

To be precise, Iger paid an average of $563.35 for 1,780 shares of a stock that opened that morning at $540.71, a difference of $40,306.

He got a better deal last November, shortly after joining Apple’s board, when heĀ bought $1 million worth of Apple for aboutĀ $375 a share.

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