By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
November 21, 2012

FORTUNE — The 14,000 Apple (AAPL) employees who were looking forward to moving into the building that Steve Jobs described as looking like “a spaceship has landed” will have to wait a little longer.

Last week the company gave the Cupertino city council revisions to the plans for its new headquarters that will likely push completion into 2016 at the earliest, about a year behind schedule.

“They could conceivably break ground in 2013, but only if everything goes smoothly,” city manager David Brandt told Bloomberg. It depends, he said, on the city council approving the project quickly, and on residents not filing legal challenges. “The project is running a little bit slow.”

Below the fold: Video of Jobs’ presentation of the project to the city council, made four months before he died. It was his final public appearance.

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