2012 gift guide: Get outside

Updated: Jun 11, 2014 4:34 PM UTC | Originally published: Nov 21, 2012
Photo: Brian Henn

Warstic Bats

So what if it's just an office softball league? The slick bats from this independent Texas maker (motto: "Play ball and break things") are pro quality and can be custom-engraved.
Buy: $109-$129

Photo: Brian Henn

Rocky S2V Grenade

This super-compact mini emergency survival kit contains everything from fishing tackle to a fire starter woven up in 10 feet of military-grade cord.
Buy: $19

Photo: Brian Henn

Blunt Umbrella

This meticulously engineered umbrella is tested to withstand 70-mph winds -- and its rounded edges avoid sharp run-ins with passersby.
Buy: $79

Photo: Brian Henn

G-Fore Golf Gloves

Pick from a rainbow of ultra-soft, precision-cut leather gloves to add a flash of color to her next game.
Buy: $35

Photo: Brian Henn

Callaway Razr Fit Driver

Help straighten out the "quirks" in their swing with a driver equipped with an adjustable-angle face and movable weights within the head.
Buy: $300

Photo: Brian Henn

Wood & Faulk Camp Stool

This handcrafted camp stool, made of English bridle leather in Portland, Ore., folds up and slings over a shoulder when it's time to pack up.
Buy: $165