By Dan Primack
November 6, 2012

FORTUNE — ┬áLast Friday I wrote that the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) was delinquent in posting fund-specific performance data from its $22 billion private equity portfolio.

Seems a public blog post can accomplish what numerous private emails cannot.

Earlier today CalSTRS finally updated its data through March 31, 2012. That may still seem a bit moldy, but private equity performance data tends to lag by one or two quarters (CalPERS data, for example, also is through March 31).

The full set is below. Hundreds of fund returns from U.S. and global private equity and venture capital funds, including five from Bain Capital.

Be sure to note the J-curve effect, which basically means that you should discount returns from funds that have been raised within the past few years.

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