By Dan Primack
November 2, 2012

* Bad Barclays: It’s not just LIBOR anymore

* Beth Healy: Romney’s early Staples worries

* Chris Sacca: VC self-promotion has become intolerable

* Brad Tuttle: Brand names don’t mean as much anymore

* Morning Call: U.S. futures down ahead of jobs report, European shares flat and the Nikkei climbs.

* On the block: Advance Auto ponders sale

* Peter Lattman: The Bruce-Bharara bromance

* Wade Roush: A robot rides out Sandy

* Not New York: The world’s top financial center is…

* That was quick: Why Bob Mansfield is back at Apple

* Liquidity Event: Term Sheet is coming to NYC on November 29. Get your ticket.

* Better never than late: Harvard Biz School does Gangham Style:

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