By Dan Primack
October 31, 2012

FORTUNE — I’m pleased to announce that Fortune’s Term Sheet will be hosting its next Liquidity Event in New York City on Thursday, November 29.

Tickets are now available here!

No content, just cocktails and conversation with the Big Apple’ top deal-makers, deal-breakers, entrepreneurs and assorted hangers-on. Plus yours truly. And, yes, it’s an open bar.

The venue is Heartland Brewery at 5th and 34th (big one near the Empire State Building).

Yes, I recognize that the #GetLiquid branding is more than a bit unfortunate given the current circumstances. But, rest assured that we plan to note all ticket proceeds to Hurricane Sandy relief and rebuilding efforts (should have more specific info on that shortly).

Tickets cost just $10, plus a small service charge. Be sure to get yours soon, as all part Liquidity Events have sold out.

Huge thanks to our sponsors: Andreessen Horowitz, Canaan Partners, Edwards Wildman, Nasdaq OMX Group and Rothstein Kass.

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