By JP Mangalindan
October 4, 2012

Also: How Tim Cook incentivized several Apple execs to stay; did Kleiner Perkins ‘fire’ Ellen Pao?

HP’s Whitman: Wait until 2014 for turnaround [GIGAOM]

“We believe that 2014 will be the year you will see real recovery and expansion at HP. You should see every business unit recover and grow. Our investments in R&D and IT will begin to kick in. And we will have demonstrated an ability to manage costs in line with revenue,” she said.

Mapping a path out of Steve Jobs’s shadow [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK]

Earlier this summer, Cook actually did lose a key member of his team—and then nearly witnessed an insurrection in one of Apple’s most prominent divisions. On June 28, Apple announced the retirement of Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield, who for over a decade oversaw the remarkable expansion of the Macintosh line before taking on the iPhone and iPad as well. According to three people familiar with the sequence of events, several senior engineers on Mansfield’s team vociferously complained to Cook about reporting to his replacement, Dan Riccio, who they felt was unprepared for the magnitude of the role. In response, Cook approached Mansfield and offered him an exorbitant package of cash and stock worth around $2 million a month to stay on at Apple as an adviser and help manage the hardware engineering team.

Did Kleiner Perkins ‘fire’ Ellen Pao? [FORTUNE]

In other words, we are going to fire Ellen Pao. Just not yet. At least not until we reach a mutually-acceptable severance arrangement. In the meantime, we’re just having her move her stuff from that desk in the back of our building to her home office, where she’ll be more comfortable. And she’s still free to pursue her legal claims against us.

The rise of mobile in election 2012 [MASHABLE]

Mobile Politics, an app and website that allows U.S. political candidates to interact with their constituents, estimates that more than 80 million voters in the United States will access political information critical to their decision making process via their smartphones. If accurate, this is more than a 200% increase from the 2008 presidential race.

Apple suppliers begin producing smaller version of iPad [THE WALL STREET JOURNAL]

The smaller tablet will have a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display with a lower resolution than the latest iPad, which was released in March, two of the people said. The screen on the current iPad measures 9.7 inches diagonally, a size that hasn’t changed since the first model was released in 2010.

Google moves ahead in fight to dominate the map apps [ALL THINGS D]

In general, Google Maps on Android offers richer maps, with more streets and points of interest noted, than Apple’s. Though I found Apple’s navigation screens more striking and easier to read at a glance, the Android navigation screens showed more surrounding streets and thus more context, which was very useful, especially on my less familiar trip to Gettysburg.

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