By Dan Primack
September 28, 2012

* Buyer beware: Kickstarter for IPOs

* Jon Hilsenrath: How Bernanke sold QE3

* Mark Hulbert: The bond market has peaked

* Matthew O’Brien: Meet the world’s worst central banker

* Corruption: SEC charges ex-Goldman exec in pay-to-play scheme

* Morning Call: U.S. futures unchangedEuropean shares flatten and the Nikkei falls

* Oops: BLS finds nearly 400,000 “missing” jobs

* Rumor: Amazon is developing a Square rival

* Bloomberg: Bring back Build America Bonds

* Commodities: How the drought will affect grocery bills

* More SEC action: Today in insider trading…

* David Weidner: Meredith Whitney, replacement referee

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* Amazing science: Some women literally have men on the brain

* J.K. Rowling: Why I didn’t leave the UK, despite the high taxes

* Peter Cornelius: European PE’s decline was “massive exaggeration”

* Tweet of the Day: @dharmesh: Raising venture capital for a startup is not a necessary evil. It is neither necessary nor evil.

* Historical footage: Mitt Romney discussing Bain Capital in 1985:

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