By Megan Barnett
September 24, 2012

FORTUNE — Fortune’s iPad app is all grown up.

Subscribers have been enjoying our magazine on the iPad for more than two years. But just as Fortune is much more than a magazine, we wanted our iPad app to offer all that Fortune has to offer every day, not just when our new issues hit newsstands every three weeks.

And so the new Fortune app was born. Beginning with the current issue, iPad users can experience Fortune soup-to-nuts in a dashboard on their tablets. The magazine content is interspersed with daily news and analysis in an easy-to-swipe news app. It’s the best of Fortune in a mix of free and paid content.

We have insightful daily commentary from bloggers like Dan Primack on private equity and Philip Elmer-DeWitt on Apple, right next to our provocative magazine columnists like Allan Sloan on the economy and Geoff Colvin on leadership.

Big news out of Europe? A crushing tech IPO? You don’t need to wait until our next issue to find out Fortune’s take on the major business stories of the day. The Fortune app will deliver analysis and opinion from the smartest business journalists in the industry every day. Follow them all in our Twitter feed at the bottom of the dashboard.

Since its inception in 1930, Fortune has been known for great storytelling. In 2012 there are myriad ways to tell a story, and the new Fortune app on the iPad demonstrates that. In addition to our daily analysis and in-depth investigative stories, we have beautiful photography and informative business videos. The app will include the great Fortune franchises like the Fortune 500 and 40 under 40. We’ll also have plenty of coverage of our live events (stay tuned for our Most Powerful Women Summit next week!).

The Fortune dashboard has something for everyone, even those of you who don’t want the daily stuff. Just click on the latest issue and read it from front to back just like you always could.

Download the Fortune app in the App Store. Let us know what you think!

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