By JP Mangalindan
September 20, 2012

Also: Apple iOS6 reviewed, and Zynga loses yet another exec.

New Apple maps app under fire from users [BBC]

Among the user complains regarding Apple’s maps sent to the BBC: … Users also reported missing local places, such as schools, or strange locations. Another screenshot showed a furniture museum that was apparently located in a river.

Review: Refined iOS6 highlighted by stunning Maps overhaul [MACWORLD]

The new Maps app alone, while occasionally rough in spots, are still worth the (free) price of the upgrade. As much as Apple doesn’t play the feature checklist game, the addition of turn-by-turn directions knocks down a serious Android advantage.

Media chiefs form venture to e-publish [THE NEW YORK TIMES]

Mr. Rudin and Frances Coady, a longtime publishing executive, have formed a partnership with Mr. Diller in a new venture called Brightline. It will publish e-books and eventually physical books in a partnership with Atavist, a publisher based in Brooklyn with expertise in producing electronic books and articles.

The alliance creates a new competitor in the rapidly changing digital book market, one that is dominated by Amazon, the online retailer, which has roughly 65 percent of e-book sales. Though fledgling, the new venture will enjoy the support of two influential executives who control a wide array of resources in media and entertainment.

Zynga Chief Security Officer Nils Puhlmann has resigned from company [TECHCRUNCH]

This is the latest in a slew of high-profile departures from the San Francisco-based online gaming giant, which in recent weeks has lost its COO John Schappert, infrastructure CTO Allan Leiwand, chief creative officer Mike Verdu, and chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Karp, among others.

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