By Dan Primack
September 14, 2012

* Steve Wozniak on Apple vs. Sansung: “I hate it.”

* Boys club: The dearth of women in private equity

* Until now… 3 things the Fed had never done before

* Morning Call: U.S. futures riseEuropean shares spike and the Nikkei climbs.

* Suzanne McGee: QE3 winners and losers

* Inside job: Secondary buyouts are booming

* Slideshow: CEOs who look like movie villains

* Bob Woodward: Obama vs. GOP on fiscal policy

* More patent suits: UC vs. FacebookZillow vs. Trulia

* Best wishes: Yale investment boss David Swensen has cancer

* Get Term Sheet: Our daily email on deals & deal-makers

* Bertelsmann: Big acquisitions ahead

* Steven Davidoff: Taking the preferences out of preferred stock

* Tweet of the Day: @mims QE3 is great and all, but at some point we have to acknowledge that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of a larger biophysical system.

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