By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
September 9, 2012

FORTUNE — Most of the commentary on the Web about the profile of Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber in Bloomberg Businessweek (“Meet Apple’s favorite blogger“) over the weekend focused on the magazine’s bottom line: The $500,000 per year Gruber’s one-man operation is reported to be generating these days. (A figure his wife promptly disputed — but did not correct — on Twitter.)

I don’t begrudge Gruber his earthly rewards, whatever they may be. He works hard, writes smart, sharp prose, checks his facts and has cultivated deep sources within Apple (AAPL) in the decade he’s been covering the company.

What caught my eye in the fallout from the Businessweek story is an interactive graphic (snapshot above) I came across a few days later.

It was created by Distant Shape‘s Kemper Smith to celebrate Daring Fireball’s 10-year anniversary. In what must have been a labor of love, Smith names and color codes by topic each of the 963 full articles (as opposed to brief links) that Gruber has posted since Aug. 13, 2002 — blue for Mac-related, red for mobile (e.g.¬†¬†iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS, AT&T).

(“Exceptions to this rule,” Smith writes in a footnote, “include Gruber Had Inside Information, Calls Somebody a Jackass, Updated Information After Posting, Acknowledged Being Wrong About Something, Acknowledged Being Correct About Something, and Claim Chowder.”)

The result is an illustration, through raw data, of how Apple has reinvented itself, from a maker of desktop computers and software to a company that derives most of its revenue — and clout — from mobile devices and services.

You can check out Smith’s graphic here. Gruber discusses it in the Aug. 17 episode of his Talk Show podcast.

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