By Dan Primack
April 11, 2012

* Beyond Coty: Avon has a new suitor

* Zach Carter: Bank of America sues itself

* Tyler Cowen: The age of the shadow bank run

* On deck: Carlyle seeking $8 billion IPO valuation

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, European shares retreat and the Nikkei keeps falling.

* No go IPO: Chinese issuers feel a chill

* AIG: Back in the property investing game

* J.P. Morgan: Four reasons for the equities sell-off

* Dylan Tweney: Why Facebook bought Instagram instead of Path

* Megan McArdle: 4 politically-charged issues on which economists agree

* Hold on: Structuring issues put brakes on AXA private equity spin-out

* Get Liquid: Term Sheet is coming to Washington, DC on May 1. Join us!

* Matt Groening: “Springfield” in The Simpsons is named after Springfield, Oregon

* Tweet of the Day: @grossdm And from a political perspective, it is a little mystifying why the Obama campaign isn’t rebranding the Buffett Rule as the Romney Rule.

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