By Dan Primack
April 10, 2012

* Heeeere’s Warren… The Buffett Rule

* Andrew R. Sorkin: Financiers subsidize their toys

* James Surowiecki: We need more medical tourism

* Big shot: Instagram CEO nets $400 million in Facebook deal

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, European shares slide and the Nikkei keeps falling.

* FOFOA: Peak exorbitant privilege

* Sheryl Sandberg: I leave work by 5:30

* Kenneth Young: Private equity grows up

* Eric Jackson: 5 lessons from Mike Wallace to all of us

* Bill Lee: Things customers can do better than you

* Morgan Stanley: Latin America’s good year gets even better

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* Leena Rao: Things to consider before saying “I do” to venture investors

* Tweet of the Day: @hunterwalk: Note: if you were a photo app & your desired exit was “get acquired by FB” it might be time to pivot

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