By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
April 5, 2012

At 12:26 p.m. Eastern, Apple’s share price passed Google’s for the first time

It is said that one of the reasons Apple (AAPL) hasn’t split its stock since 2005 is that Steve Jobs wanted to see his company’s share price overtake Google’s (GOOG).

If that’s true, it’s a shame Jobs didn’t live to see the screenshot above grabbed by Bullish Cross‘ Andy Zaky. It shows the moment, time stamped Thursday April 5 @12:26:35 p.m. EDT, when Apple at $633.07 first passed Google at $633.

Says Zaky: “First stop, Google, next stop Priceline, final destination, Berkshire Hathaway.”

In terms of market value, Apple overtook all three companies years ago.

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