By Dan Primack
April 4, 2012

* Oxymoron: No betting allowed at futures exchange

* Matthew O’Brien: Keynes was the Buffett of his day

* Sarah Lacy: Debunking the he Ron Conway-Ed Lee ‘conspiracy’

* Have it your way: Burger King is returning to the public markets

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, European shares fall and the Nikkei sheds 2.3%.

* Stephen Marche: The war against youth

* Addicted to cheese? Here’s why

* Reading the chips: Is a tech slowdown coming?

* Lee Shavel: How to pick an investment banker

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* Deborah Solomon: Killing the ‘job-killing regulation’ meme

* Stewart Brand: How real innovation is now coming from the South

* Tweet of the day: @dmac1 Groupon joins 12% of companies who disclosed weakness in financial controls w/in 1 yr of IPO since 2004 says Audit Analytics. 15% w/in 2 yrs

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