By Dan Primack
March 27, 2012

* Matt Levine: It’s time for a ‘Corzine Rule’

* Beyond BATS: Others in the IPO Hall of Shame

* Barry Ritholtz: Why Apple should buy Twitter

* Dharmesh Shah: 26 ways to avoid founder failure

* Pre-Marketing: U.S. futures point higher, European shares climb and the Nikkei gains 2.4%.

* Diamonds not forever? Rio Tinto may sell business

* Peter Tchir: Why do we need leveraged ETFs?

* Anti-growth? World Bank nominee under fire over book

* Study: Financial advisers tell clients what they want to hear

* Paul Pendergrass: Is Howard Schultz’s spin bad for Starbucks?

* What will she say? J.P. Morgan lawyer on MF Global witness list

* Hamish McKenzie: The future of magazines should look like Spotify

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* Tweet of the Day: @grossdm: Know how you can tell Mad Men is set in 60s? Guy working in advertising can afford to live in greenwich

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