By JP Mangalindan
March 16, 2012

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* Digg founder Kevin Rose and the rest of his team from the mobile app incubator Milk are joining Google (GOOG). The move comes after the news that Milk was shutting down its one and only app, Oink. (AllThingsD)

* PayPal unveiled its new credit card reader and app, which will enter a space dominated by the likes of Jack Dorsey’s Square. (The Verge)

* Apple’s App Store is drawing criticism for wrongful credit charges and fraudulent apps. (The New York Times)

* Cisco (CSCO) plans to buy the software specialist NDS Group for $4 billion. (The Wall Street Journal)

* David Sacks, CEO of the enterprise social network Yammer, tweeted a $25,000 signing bonus to any Yahoo (YHOO) employee who joins his company within the next 60 days. (Twitter)

* AOL (CSCO) is buying the photo-sharing app Hipster for a figure in the low seven figures. (TechCrunch)

* How startup incubator Y Combinator got its start. (Y Combinator)

* According to a recent study from Strategy Analytics, 90% of people want the screen on their next smartphone to be bigger. (IntoMobile)

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