By Dan Mitchell
March 14, 2012

FORTUNE — There are a couple of noteworthy things about this video depicting ubernerds at Google (GOOG) during their weekly “Quality Launch Review” meeting.

One is that we can witness just how granular — and nerdy — the process is. ¬†Here, they are discussing how to improve error correction in searches that are more than 10 words long. Terms like “trigram” are thrown around the room. How many searches consist of 10 or more words? “Not a lot,” one participant allows. That doesn’t mean the problem isn’t worth tackling, however. Not to these people.

Second, note that they’re all using Macs. Said one commenter on Endadget: “Those are some sweet looking ¬†Chromebooks……….Oh wait.” Came the response: “Did anyone really think Google folk used Chromebooks?”

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