By Dan Primack
March 12, 2012

* Fools’ golden parachute: MF Global to pay bonuses

* Tone-deaf GOP? 20% tax cut proposal for PE/hedge funds

* Study: Daylight savings results in employee “cyberloafing”

* Luke Timmerman: A path to more accelerated FDA approvals

* Morning call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls earlyEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei retreats.

* Gawker: Twitter financials leak

* Bank lawyer: MBIA boss was insider trading

* Do as I say: Peter Thiel heads to campus

* Staci Kramer: Is CNN buying Mashable for $200 million?

* Farhad Manjoo: Amazon’s brilliant plan to overpay for your iPad2

* Merger Monday: Zoll Medical being bought for $2 billion

* Next neuro: Bicycle lets you change gears with your mind

* Barry Ritholtz: Regulate credit default swaps like insurance products

* Tweet of the Day: @EddyElfenbein: At the rate of job creation, if February had 31 days, the unemployment rate nearly would have rounded down to 8.2%. $$

* Tweet of the Day II: @larryvc: If the “next Facebook” is started by a senior citizen, I wonder if seed funds will start to pop up around assisted living centers.

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