By JP Mangalindan
March 5, 2012

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* In a first for Apple (AAPL), the Cupertino-based tech giant published the results of a study reporting that it had “created or supported” 514,000 American jobs. Abroad, Apple says it has created almost 700,000 jobs. (Apple via The New York Times)

* Shares of Yelp, the local business reviews site, climbed 64% Friday in its initial public offering (IPO), from $15 per share to $24.58 per share. (CNNMoney)

* Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai is leaving the location-based social network after three years. Wrote Selvadurai in a blog post: “I’ve worn a ton of hats: from product to engineering, from funding rounds to roadshows, from recruiting to evangelizing. But … i feel i’ve done all i can do and i’m moving on. (next [STREAM])

* Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo’s Labs unit, is leaving for Google (GOOG). According to All Things D, the move precedes what may be cuts in his department. (All Things D)

* Square, the mobile payments startup from Jack Dorsey, is now processing $4 billion in payments per year, double what was announced last October. (TechCrunch)

* One startup quickly gaining buzz in the Valley:
.The startup is positioning the iPhone-only app as a “people discovery” tool that automatically alerts users to people nearby with common connections and interests. (CNET)

* There’s a new kind of programmer supposedly emerging, the “brogrammer,” or “developers who are much more sociable an alike to go out and have fun.” (Bloomberg Businessweek)

* A by-the-numbers comparison of the Apple Store versus the Microsoft Store. (Fortune)

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