By Dan Primack
March 5, 2012

* Prop bet: JP Morgan desk spinning out

* Om Malik: What Yelp and Twitter have in common

* Luke Timmerman: 5 reasons Illumina should fight Roche bid

* William Cohan: Justice can still be done in Bear Stearns case

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls earlyEuropean shares sink and the Nikkei slides.

* Buh-bye: Foursquare co-founder checks out

* Exit: AIG sells $500 million Blackstone stake

* Correlation or causation? Birther economics

* Josh Wolfe: The race for proton supremacy, in silicon

* Jamie Dimon on newspaper company pay: “Just damned outrageous”

* Huge public health accomplishment: India certified as polio-free

* Scott Kirsner: Myomo, maker of stroke rehab devices, is engineering its own recovery

* Infographic: How typical families would fare under each presidential candidate’s tax plan

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