By JP Mangalindan
February 24, 2012

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“We are working as hard as ever this year to deliver an incredible year and some products that will blow your mind.” — CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting

* Apple (AAPL) has acquired the app search and discovery engine Chomp. The Chomp team and technology will be used to help revamp the App Store experience. Chomp CEO Ben Keighran has joined the iTunes marketing team, while CTO Cathy Edwards will serve as a senior iTunes engineer. (TechCrunch and Mark Gurman)

* According to Bloomberg, Google (GOOG) will name ex-North America ad sales head Dennis Woodside as CEO of Motorola Mobility once the company finishes its $12.5 billion acquisition of the handset maker. (Bloomberg)

* Early sales for and customer adoption of Google’s Google Music service may be below expectations. (CNET)

* A profile of Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, the startup incubator whose alumni include Dropbox and Airbnb. (Technology Review)

* Could airline “matchmaking” take off? Dutch airline KLM is tinkering with ways for travelers to choose seat mates based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. (The New York Times)

* Why AT&T’s attempt to downgrade the speeds of users with unlimited plans, called “throttling,” may not be benefiting the carrier after all. (Boy Genius Report)

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