By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
February 2, 2012

Chief complaints: lack of volume control or camera and that the battery life’s too short

They liked the price, the color screen and the selection of books on Amazon AMZN . They wish it had a volume control button and a camera and that the battery lasted longer.

Those are some of the results of a survey of 254 Kindle Fire owners conducted in January by ChangeWave Reserach, a service of 451 Research.

54% said they were very satisfied with their new tablet, which is better than the 39% “other tablet devices” got in a November survey, but considerably less than the 74% of Apple AAPL iPad owners who said they were very satisfied.

Moreover, the percentage of early adopter types who told ChangeWave they were “very likely” to buy a Kindle Fire fell from 4% in December, when the initial excitement was at its peak, to 2% in January. The number who were “somewhat likely” to buy one fell from 13% to 10%.

But the finding ChangeWave found most interesting — and which they highlighted in a release to the public Thursday morning — was that ┬ánearly three-in-ten consumers who own a Kindle Fire (29%) said they will spend more money at Amazon over the next 90 days, compared with 19% of non-owners.

Given that Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at a loss, that may be the result that matters most to CEO Jeff Bezos.

For more on the ChangeWave findings, click here.

Below the fold: More charts from the January survey.

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