By Dan Primack
February 2, 2012

Private equity still loves Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign may be causing big headaches for private equity, but that hasn’t slowed down private equity’s contributions to the likely GOP nominee.

According to a Fortune analysis of the Romney campaign’s most recent financial disclosures, private equity professionals donated more than $308,000 directly to Romney during the fourth quarter. That includes more than $69,000 from members of The Blackstone Group (BX), and more than $62,000 from Romney’s old firm, Bain Capital.

It excludes contributions from hedge fund managers, other types of financial investors and management consultants like those at Bain & Company. It also doesn’t include the millions of dollars that private equity investors have funneled into the Restore Our Future SuperPAC, which is supporting Romney’s candidacy.

Romney also managed to secure more than $50,000 from venture capitalists, from such firms as Highland Capital Partners, Polaris Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital and Trident Capital.

None of Romney’s Republican rivals had any significant contributions from the PE or VC sector. President Obama’s Q4 financial report has not yet been fully processed by the Federal Election Commission, but we hope to run those numbers once they become available. Information on which individuals at each firm contributed will become publicly-available on Sunday.

And, since it’s Facebook IPO madness day: Romney raised $2,600 in Q4 from Facebook employees. He also got $3,550 from Google (goog) employees, but none from folks at Apple (aapl).

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