By Dan Primack
January 31, 2012

* David Rohde: Meet America’s good bank

* Niall Ferguson: Oops. Paul Krugman was right

* Josh Brown: Wall Street’s Jean Valjean problem

* Bust: Mark Cuban’s sports-betting hedge fund idea collapses

* Yves Smith: ProPublica’s off-base charges about Freddie Mac

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises earlyEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei closes flat.

* Buh-bye: Three founders are out at Demand Media

* Vladimir Putin: Russia needs more tech, less corruption

* Stalling: House group seeks delay in PE registration deadline

* Never back smug: A lesson for life sciences from Newt Gingrich

* Rana Foroohar: Are companies more powerful than countries?

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* Tweet of the Day: @dshen: with the facebook IPO this week, i predict a huge wave of angel funding approximately 6 months from now

* Tweet of the Day II: Hobokenhomefind #Corzine condo for sale at Maxwell in #Hoboken. Heading over to look for missing $1.2billion in the sofa cushions.

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