By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
January 29, 2012

An ex-employee asks Inside Apple‘s author “What creates the perfect Kool-Aid drinker?”

On the first stop on his publicity tour — at the headquarters of LinkedIn — Adam Lashinsky met a former Apple (AAPL) employee who had read Lashinky’s book and was in a position to comment on how accurately it portrays life
Inside Apple

We’ve posted the meat of their exchange in the YouTube clip below.  Lashinsky’s interrogator — who worked six years at Apple — had us until he suggested that CEO Tim Cook possessed “so much charisma he could certainly be our next President.” Of the U.S.? Hmm.

If you have time, we recommend the full 50-minute interview and Q&A, conducted by LinkedIn executive editor Dan Roth. It’s posted here. Better still, read the book.

You might want to turn up your volume before you play the clip:


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