By Dan Primack
January 25, 2012

* IPO indicator? Facebook trades to be halted

* Some transition: Apple’s blowout quarter

* Hostility: Roche makes $5.7 billion offer for Illumina

* Morning Call: U.S. futures are mixed, London rises earlyEuropean shares slide and the Nikkei climbs.

* Emily Walsh: Angry at the genome

* Alan Mitchell: Is big data a big dead end?

* Mark Peter Davis: How we brainstorm

* He’s out: Ex-Fannie boss Daniel Mudd resigns as Fortress CEO

* From Davos: Will the 1% discuss income inequality?

* Dan Shapiro: Companies that would do best without venture capital

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* Electoral correlation: A close Super Bowl would be good news for Obama

* Line of the day, from Alexia Tsotsis: “It seems like Obama likes the idea of Steve Jobs more than some of the things Steve Jobs actually did.”

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