By JP Mangalindan
January 9, 2012

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* Is the Consumer Electronics Show, a.k.a. C.E.S., losing its clout? Nick Wingfield over at The New York Times argues the convention, which drew 149,000 people last year, isn’t quite the powerhouse it used to be, thanks to product launches at company-only events or smaller conferences. (The New York Times)

* New Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who may earn up to $26 million in salary, stock and bonuses this year, starts today. Here are 5 moves he should make to give the Internet company — and himself — a fighting chance. (CNN Money and Fortune)

* A look at whether Windows 8, when released during the second half of this year, will help Microsoft penetrate the tablet market. The operating system will run on both Intel chips and ARM chips, the silicon found in many of today’s tablets. (The Wall Street Journal)

* Nine well-known Chinese authors are suing Apple (AAPL) for selling illegal versions of their works. Because these unauthorized editions were submitted to the App Store, approved, and Apple is getting a 30% cut from sales, the Chinese writers alliance believes such transactions are a “total theft.” (The Next Web)

* Barnes & Noble (BKS) may spin off the Nook into its own separate business — and that may actually be a good thing. (Fortune)

* Why many Android tablets so far have failed. (Tech Republic)

* Four payment industry predictions for 2012. (GigaOm)

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