By Dan Primack
December 7, 2011

* Consequence: MF Global failure felt in farm country

* Point/counter-point: Bernanke vs. Bloomberg News

* Greenwich’s worst fear realized? Transaction tax gains advocates

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early , European shares climb and the Nikkei hits 4-week high.

* Photo of the Day: Finding Jon Corzine

* Pink slip watch: Citi to fire 4,500 employees

* Jamie Goldstein: I prefer my start-ups phat, not lean

* Burton Malkiel: The bond buyer’s growing dilemma

* Survey says: Investors predict U.S. economic rebound

* Kmart redux? J.C. Penney buying stake in Martha Stewart Living

* Academia: Beneath the veil of what makes effective schools

* Todd Vernon: Market size and velocity in tech start-ups

* Alison Abbott: Novartis is latest drug co to abandon the brain

* For your reference: A map of the major cloud players

* No more conspiracies: Powerball winners not fronting for a client

* Key to a long life? Get elected president

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* Not a cruise: Developing a floating incubator for techies without green cards

* Tweet of the Day: @carlquintanilla Theory: @AlecBaldwin is “in” on the upcoming Zynga IPO (the company that makes #WordsWithFriends). Best publicity $ can buy. $$ #WWF

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