By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
November 30, 2011

83% of the apps downloaded in the past month were for a Google or Apple phone

The U.S. smartphone market is starting to look like a two-horse race, judging from data scheduled to be released Wednesday by a Nielsen general manager at AppNation III in San Francisco. Among the new findings:

  • 44% of all U.S. mobile subscribers now own a smartphone
  • 56% of the mobile phones purchased in the past three months were smartphones
  • 71% or buyers purchased an “app friendly” — Nielsen’s phrase — Apple (AAPL) iPhone or Google (GOOG) Android phone
  • 83% of the app downloaders in the past 30 days use either iPhones or Android phones

As Nielsen’s charts over the past nine months show,¬†Android has grown to be the leading smartphone operating system (now with a 42.8% share), while Apple is still holding on as the leading smartphone manufacturer (with a 28.3% share).

The market shares of the alsorans — Research in Motion (RIMM), Microsoft (MSFT), Nokia (NOK) and Palm (HPQ) — continue to shrink.

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