By Dan Primack
November 21, 2011

The venture capital industry remains dominated by white men, according to a new demographics survey released today by the National Venture Capital Association and Dow Jones.

Only 21% of the 590 survey respondents were woman, and just 11% identified themselves as “investors.” This is down from 14% from a similar survey in 2008. The rest were administrators, including chief financial officers (where women outnumber men 53%-47%).

A whopping 87% of respondents identified themselves as Caucasian, which is down just slightly from 88% in the 2008 survey. Asians comprised 11%, while African-Americans (2%) and Latinos (1%) brought up the rear. Worth noting that this was a U.S.-dominated survey, with 95% of respondents based in America (11% of whom are immigrants).

The most common alma matters were Harvard and Stanford with 10% each, followed by U Penn (8%), UC-Berkeley (5%) and MIT (4%). Eighty-five percent of respondents use LinkedIn, while 62% use Facebook and just 30% use Twitter. In terms of media production/consumption, only 33% say they read blogs (a stunningly low number) while 11% write them. The survey did not ask for the percentage of respondents who regularly wear khaki pants with blue button-down shirts.

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