By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
November 18, 2011

He had the audience in stitches at a 1998 convention of higher education IT directors

Steve Jobs’ thoughts about television evolved in the years since this fuzzy YouTube video was shot at CAUSE 1998, the annual convention of the College and University Systems Exchange. But even then — one year after his return to Apple (AAPL) — he was clearly wrestling with the problem of trying to merge TVs and PCs.

The four-minute segment is part of a much longer (1:13 hour) video rediscovered and posted last month by EDUCAUSE, the organization created that year by the merger of CAUSE and Educom.

I know Jobs could be a funny guy, and it’s not clear what time of night the video was shot, but from the laughs he was getting it sounds like the audience already had a few drinks under its collective belt.

Via: Macworld UK

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