By Dan Primack
November 16, 2011

* Lindsay Bell: Greece, Italy… India?

* William Cohan: A tiny rule change at the heart of MF Global’s failure

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London rises earlyEuropean shares retreat on bond yield worries and the Nikkei sheds nearly 1%.

* Doug Kass: Why I sold Berkshire Hathaway

* Roundtable: What do VCs want to see in a pitch?

* Goldman bull: Lloyd Blankfein expresses economic optimism

* Study: Netflix consumes 33% of Internet bandwidth

* Mark Zandi: Making book on the Congressional Supercommittee

* Waning interest or redemptive reality? John Paulson sells $2 billion of gold

* John Stanton: Steve Jobs wanted his own network with unlicensed spectrum

* History’s most expensive “historian?” Newt Gingrich paid at least $1.6 million by Freddie Mac.

* Unprecedented: SEC uses SOX to claw back $2.8 million from exec never charged with wrongdoing

* There is no defense for Congressional insider trading. But John Carney tries anyway.

* #GetLiquid: Big thanks to the hundreds of Term Sheet readers who came out last night for our Liquidity Event in New York City. The event raised more than $3,700 for City Harvest.

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