By JP Mangalindan
November 2, 2011

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* Sony (SNE) predicts a $1.2 billion annual loss and slashed sales targets for TVs, personal computers, compact cameras, and Blu-ray players. (Bloomberg)

* Colleague Scott Olster on how the race for education tech is heating up. (Fortune)

* Apple (AAPL) will reportedly release a new store app that will, among other things, allow customers to order products online and pick them up at a nearby store 12 minutes after the purchase. (Boy Genius Report)

* Possibly the longest interview nonstop interview Steve Jobs ever gave. (Fortune)

* Former Myspace music president Courtney Holt has a new gig as COO of Maker Studios, a company largely geared towards making and distributing original Internet-only videos. (Brew and All Things D)

* AOL’s (AOL) third quarter earnings may beat Wall Street estimates when announced later today. (All Things D)

* Twitter introduced Twitter Stories,” essentially users testimonials, where users can share how and why they use the social network. (NBC Bay Area)

* Why venture capitalists should be startup CEOs. (Steve Blank)

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