By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
October 3, 2011

It starts in June 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 4 and ends — maybe — this Tuesday

Somebody has taken the trouble to document — with footnotes — the rumor-filled roadmap that has brought us to Tuesday’s iPhone press event at Apple (AAPL) headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. The result is the infographic published two weeks ago by a dubious website called (more on them in a moment).

We haven’t fact-checked all 43 data points on the roadmap poster, but it feels about right. The Apple rumor mill is a engine that feeds on itself; every hint, every signal, no matter how obscure, is grist for another round of stories.

We’ve copied the roadmap below the fold, or you can view it here.

WARNING: Use extreme caution when following the AllAreaCodes link. The site poses as a reverse-phone directory that promises to sell you names and addresses for as little as $0.99 each. But it quickly takes you to an Intelius “Identity Protect” scam that will ding your credit card $19.95  a month from here into eternity.

Via GottaBeMobile.

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