By Dan Primack
October 3, 2011

* Liz Rappaport: Wall Street’s new watcher

* Alibaba’s Jack Ma: “We are very interested in Yahoo”

* Jumpstart: Does America need a great debt haircut?

* Felix Salmon: Why start-up dividend cash-outs are evil

* Litany: A list of Occupy Wall Street complaints (albeit no proposed solutions)

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares fall on Greece worries and the Nikkei loses 1.8%.

* Mike Lucas: Private equity is not a kitten

* Jessica Pressler: It’s good to be Michael Lewis

* James Surowiecki: Was Solyndra a waste of energy?

* The new ROI: Return on influence

* He’s #1: Bob Pittman takes over at Clear Channel

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* Bombshell accusation #1: Koch brothers flout law with secret Iran sales

* Bombshell accusation #2: Shell fuels Nigerian violence by paying rival gangs

* Inquiry clears the SEC of hounding Mark Cuban because he is famous

* Tweet of the Day: @TheAcsMan: Good news: $EK not filing for bankruptcy. Bad news: couldn’t come up with the filing fee.

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