iOS’s Internet Market Share Hits a Record 54.65%

Updated: Sep 01, 2016 8:06 PM UTC | Originally published: Oct 01, 2011

You would think that with nearly 50% of the global market for smartphones that Google's (goog) Android would also dominate the Web.

Not so, according to a report issued Saturday by Net Applications.

When measured against other smartphone/tablet operating systems, Apple's (aapl) iOS accounts for more than half of the visits to its clients' 40,000 websites around the world. In fact,the 54.65% share that Net Applications recorded for iOS devices in September is an all-time record.

Android, with 16.26%, is still trailing Java ME's 18.52%. Nokia's (nok) discontinued Symbian, at 6.12%, is fading fast and Research in Motion's (rimm) is holding steady at a negligible 3.29%.

A key factor driving Apple's dominant Web presence, of course, is that iOS runs on three popular devices: iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. There is no Android equivalent of the iPod touch, and although there are multiple Android tablets -- and more about to hit the market -- none has yet to take off.