By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
September 23, 2011

It may actually reach its goal of opening 30 new stores in the last quarter of fiscal 2011

This will be a big weekend for Apple AAPL retail, with seven grand openings scheduled on four continents over two days. The new stores, according to ifoAppleStore:

  • IFC Mall (Hong Kong)
  • Nanjing East (Shanghai)
  • Westfield Hornsby (Australia)
  • Centro Sicilia (Italy)
  • New Haven (Conn.)
  • Metrotown (Canada)
  • Le Chesnay (France)

Videos of huge crowds and over-excited staffers have already started to pop up on YouTube, including the first one below of a pumped-up phalanx of blue-shirted staffers at Shanghai’s Nanjing store. Put some little red books in their fists and we could almost be in Mao’s China.

We’ll add more videos as they come in.


Hong Kong:




New Haven:


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