By JP Mangalindan
September 16, 2011

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* Google (GOOG) is reportedly developing a competitor to the popular curated news app, Flipboard, with a project dubbed “Propeller.” Sources tell Robert Scoble that it’s “mind-blowing good.” (All Things D and Robert Scoble via Google +)

* BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIMM) reported lower-than-expected revenues and profits for its latest quarter, telling analysts it expects challenges to continue. Most notable: the company only shipped 200,000 units of its touted PlayBook tablet, significantly less than estimates of between 600,000 and 700,000. (The is my next and Business Insider)

* Yahoo (YHOO) EVP Ross Levinsohn says Yahoo is doing better than many think and that an AOL merger isn’t likely. (paidContent)

* Why great social networks steal. (Slate)

* TechCrunch founder and ex-AOL employee Mike Arrington plans to start a new blog about startups and journalism. He won’t be hiring other writers. (The Wall Street Journal)

* Did spurn a $500 million acquisition bid? (VentureBeat)

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